Urdnot Wrex

'Just because I like you, doesn't mean I won't kill you.'

Name: Urdnot Wrex
Species: Krogan
Notable Service: Former Crew of Normandy SR-1;
Leader of Krogan Clan Urdnot
"My people have a saying.
Seek an enemy of your enemy, and you find a friend."

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Mass Effect 3 + Gizoogled 3/?

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urdnotjextor sent: "A true leader... Dead. Dead... Ages ago. If only you were alive for you to see how much of a help I was to the Urdnot Clan... Damn you, Wrex. You died so you wouldn't admit that I was going to be of use to the Clan... But... You were still old anyways... It's gonna be really different without you now..."
askmamashep sent: "Your grave is a bit piddly is it not? Mine has more, mmm... statues?"

My muse has been dead for years. On the anniversary of their death, your muse goes to visit their grave. What do they say?

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“In the darkest hour, there’s always a way out.”

“In the darkest hour, there’s always a way out.”

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Sentry seemed to have that effect on people, coaxing out inner fires even when they had long grown cold. In Wrex, however, Sentry knew there was no quenching that fire. It was inspiring, in its own way, spurring the Commander to do more than he thought possible. It was either that or his old friends taunting.

“Already?” Sentry chuckled and shook his head. “We’ve still got a war to win, y’know.” He shrugged, “Give it time, Wrex, I’m sure you’ll get more space.”

Wrex choked back a hearty laugh, only letting his wide smile take it’s place, his People were now the utmost importance, now that Urdnot Bakara carried his first living child in centuries. Both of the hearts that beat within his rib cage felt heavy, the dread and terror of their possible deaths stopped the thumping, his own mouth felt dry, and his throat tight. 

He forced another smile, the previous one attempting to vanish, “Won’t be long till we’re running out of space, guess I’m just trying to be first in line, heh.”


“Wrex can not keep his hands off a fertile female…”